Coffee and Cake

Last week was our turn to host the weekly catch-up of the group affectionately known as “Yoga Mums”.

Yoga Mums was created when four expectant mothers met during a pre-natal yoga class. They were Ashtanga Mum (the class instructor), Mosgiel Mum (the dancing queen), Doctor Mum (the professional) and Eco Mum (the animal lover). Where do I come in? I met Eco Mum during our intensive, one-off antenatal class, and she introduced me to the others a few weeks after Eco Baby was born.

Every Thursday we meet at someone’s house for coffee and cake. Actually, it’s more likely to be peppermint tea and cake, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as smoothly. Yesterday I made a banana, pecan and chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.

Cakey goodness

We sit around and chat about anything and everything – although these days, there’s a bit less of the sitting, and a little more chasing of our little explorers. In the early days we’d all be nursing, staring dazedly into space and mumbling about lack of sleep, lack of time and lack of brain capacity for dealing with anything remotely intellectual.

There’s none of the competitiveness that seems to accompany many antenatal groups, and I think it’s probably because we’ve chosen to be friends – we haven’t been pushed into a group and forced to catch up with people we have very little in common with. These mums are people I would have liked to be friends with before we became mums. We’ve shared the good days and the bad (and there have been some very bad days); we’ve been able to cry with each other, and I feel so lucky to have found such awesome friends with equally awesome babies.


7 thoughts on “Coffee and Cake

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    • Sure do! Well, there are just three of us left in Dunedin now (one moved back to England, the other to Omarama), but we meet up every week, and now we all have #2 as well. They are amazing women, and I am so, so lucky to have such supportive friends. No competition between us, we’ve all cried in front of each other, and we know our kids inside and out. One of them is moving back to England in just over a month though, which makes me very sad.

      We don’t do yoga together now…but I can’t wait to get back into going to classes soon. Henry is so much more predictable than Jack, so I’m hoping it will be sooooooon!

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